Hp 3708A noise and interference test set 10 to 200MHZ.


Subject: Hp 3708A noise and interference test set 10 to 200MHZ.
HP 3708A Noise and Interference Test Set.
It Offers an Accurate, yet Simple, Method of Simulating Microwave Radio Fade Conditions. It Was Designed for Operation in the IF Section of a Digital or FM Microwave Radio, This Unit Will Add Calibrated Levels of White Noise and /or Interference Signals to the Radio IF Carrier. A Built-in Power Meter and Microprocessor Control, Enables the Radio IF Carrier Power to be Sampled by the HP 3708A, at the Point of Noise Injection and the Noise Density Adjusted Automatically to Maintain a Constant Carrier to Noise Ratio, Even in the Presence of Receiver Carrier Level Variations. A Simple, yet Powerful Interfarence Test Facility is also Included in this Unit, Allowing an External Broadband Signal to be Mixed With the Radio IF Carrier Along With, or Instead of the Injected Noise.
High Stability 0 dBm Reference Tone.
Direct Noise Bandwidth Measurement.
Signal Connectors Impedance, 75 Ohms Nominal Unbalanced tor GND.
Reference Tone Oscillator Frequency is 70/140 MHz.
Outputs: "Noise Only" or "Noise + Carrier (+Auxiliary Interferer if Desired)".
Absolute Accuracy of Noise Power: +/- 0.25dB in Range +6 to -10dBm at 23 +/-3° C.
Accuracy of Carrier to Noise Power Ratio: +/-0.35 dB Over Range: C = +1 to -5dBm, C/N = 10 to 30dB.
Maximum Noise Power Output: +6dBm "Noise Only" Output. 0dBm "Noise + Carrier" Output.
Band-Limiting Filters: Four Fixed Internal Filters Plus External Filter Facility With Range 10 to 200MHz.
Auxiliary Interferer: (I.E. In Addition to Noise Injection)
Input: Broadband (10 to 200 MHz.) Fixed Loss Path (Typically 15 dB) to IF Output.
Interferer Only: (I.E. Instead of Noise Injection)
Input: Broadband (10 to 200 MHz.) Acceptable Signal Level Typically -30dBm. Injection Level Determined by HP3708A.
Accuracy of C/I Power Ratio: +/- 0.35 dB in Range, C= +1 to -5 dBm, C/I = 10 to 30 dB, 23 +/- 3° C for 70, 140 MHz. (+/- 10 MHz.) Interferer.
Absolute Accuracy: +/- 0.05 dB at 0 dBm 23 +/- 3° C, 70/140 MHz. After Calibration Using Internal Reference Tone.
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