Hot dog enclosed steam cart with warming oven in n.h.


Subject: Hot dog enclosed steam cart with warming oven in n.h.
Great For Party's or Events Vending Enclosed Steam Cart with Warming Oven Call ext 101 or cell NH Cash will Talk Enclosed 2005 like New with out the $10,000.00 price tag . Custom Hot Dog /Chips / Pretzel / Soup / Chili / Corn on the Cob / Soda / Beer / ice cream / This is the king of carts . Rain or shine snow or just cold this cart will keep you worm and dry.This has passed all health codes in the State of NH. And will pass in all 50 states. Overall size 47" wide, 102" long, 74" high Overall Weight 475 lbs. Unitized Tubular Steel Framing for Extra Strength-Coated with a Military Grade Rust Inhibitor Stainless Steel Construction/Exterior T430 BA Stainless for Easy Cleaning and Maximum Life of Cart Steam Table: Stainles Steel Warming Oven 13 1/4 Deep 22 1/4 High 12in wide Holds 5 Pans 12 1/2 10 1/2 3in deep that hold 3 Qts each Great for Apple crisp or pies / pretzel or just to keep hotdogs warm . One Half Size Pot with Lid One 1/3 Size Pot with Roll Grate and Lid One 1/3 Size Pot with Two 1 1/2 Qt. condiment Pots Inside with Lid Wet Steam Table to Accommodate one 2/3 size Meat Cooking Pot with Lid (on Direct Heat) 3-1/3 Size Pans Over Water Jacket Cold Beverage Section: 26"L x 22" W x 12" D Entire Compartment in Molded Fiberglass with Covered Corners for Sanitary Cleaning Completely Insulated with Urethane to Insure Maximum Life of Ice can last up to 2 days keeps drinks and ice cream cold just slide open top of cooler and reach in to get what you need . All food is safe inside the cart. Capacity- 160 Cans Heat Source: Area for 20lb Propane Tank with Regulator Two 16,500 BTU Each Burner All Propane Burners have 100% Safety Controls Water/Waste System: Three Compartment Sink and 1 hand wash sink both with hot and cold water 2.5 Gallons Hot and 2.5 Gallons Cold Fresh Water Supply 7.5 Gallons Water/Waste Tank for sinks and cooler Wheels: Two Pneumatic Highway Tires on Automotive Type Springs One Front Swivel Wheel (Removable) Large Storage Draws : Storage Draw to Hold Extra Soda, Rolls or Sundry Items ,Money can be locked in draw. Accessories: Two Large Display Cases with Sliding Plexiglas Doors that lock Three Condiment Pots with Lids Recessed in Counter Top Shelving, One 2Qt. Pot with Mustard Stick, Two 2Qt. Pots Wax Paper, Napkin, Bag and Straw dispensers Side Mounted, Removable Trash Container Propane Rack, Regulator and Hose Travel Hitch ( 2" ) inch ball with Lift-up Jack and Removable Front Swivel Wheel. This cart was made to be trailered . """ HAVE CASH WILL TALK """""