Horse manure spreader ground driven trailer 1200


Subject: Horse manure spreader ground driven trailer 1200
* 75 Bushel Ground Driven Manure Spreader
* Any 18 HP, or larger, utility tractor is acceptable.
* large wheels provide the necessary traction to drive the beater and drag chain, even in snow and mud.
* Heavy structural steel angle iron frame.
* Long life pressure treated floor and side boards are easily removed for user flexibility.
* Big 27 - 8.50 x 15 industrial tires with agriculture bar tread.
* Individual rope pull clutching. One for the beater, and one for the drag chain.
* Double beater design for more even disbursement.
* Continuous motion drag chain for smoother discharge (no ratchets).
* Guides built-in to accept removable end gate which eliminates rear spillage during transport.
* Load bed is 84" long x 40" wide x 21" high.
* Overall length is approximately 120" long x 62" wide
* Transmissions include # 40 roller chains and sprockets.
* Heavy duty drive v-belts are 5/8 x 81"