Homeland security training in israel


Subject: Homeland security training in israel
Based on what US Homeland Security needs to know, the training is focused on the most important areas of Homeland Security training:
* Public Safety: large scale events, shopping and retail, public transportation
"I have been a Police officer for over twenty years. I've paid my way to photo and forensic schools, defensive tactics and other programs during my career. I went with the last SSI group to Israel in late 2005 with some of the people that are testimonials on the ad. It was the best program I have ever experienced in my life. It was not only a great training experience, but an eye opener for me. It lets you see what life is about outside the sheltered USA. It's also very historical to visit these places. It gives you a profound respect for the Israelis and the struggle to create a safe place for themselves surrounded by danger. It opens your eyes to what we may have to deal with. It teaches you to pay more attention to world news and events. We were treated like diplomats while there by everyone from the Government and other facilities. It was worth every penny. I would love to go back again. Israel is a beautiful place and SSI certainly helped me see all of the important things on the Law enforcement side as well as meeting the greatest people. I felt very safe while there, enjoyed every minute of my time and I would recommend the trip to anyone that can afford to go".
Southbridge MA Police Department