Holman/ star ultra max um-1850 electric conveyor oven


Subject: Holman/ star ultra max um-1850 electric conveyor oven
Ultra-Max Electric Conveyor Oven
Holman - Star Ultra-Max Electric Conveyor Oven Model# UM-1850, 6400 watts
High performance Holman Ultra-Max Electric conveyor oven is designed for high-volume commercial food service operations with limited space. Compact in design, our ovens deliver high volume and provide the perfect solution for today's kitchen!
Holman Ultra-Max ovens use hot air under pressure to deliver unmatched performance and speed. Air impingement seals in moisture and flavor providing superior food quality plus the airflow design bakes more evenly than traditional ovens resulting in more consistency from the first bake to the last.
Labor saving and reduced equipment cost are just a few benefits of the Ultra-Max high-volume impingement oven. The flow through design of the conveyor oven and easy-to-operate controls improve kitchen output with less labor.
Holman Ultra-Max electric ovens can prepare a variety of menu items from pizza to cookies.The flexibility of our ovens can meet your breakfast, lunch and dinner demands with high-quality, efficiency and speed.
Easy to use electronic controls with LED display takes the guess work out of preparing meals. This technologically advanced electronic control provides diagnostics to set the temperature and time more accurately than traditional controls and change the belt direction for your operational needs.
Extra large 4" opening will accommodate a variety of products from pizza to sub sandwiches.
Space saving design allows stacking of ovens three high to meet your volume requirements.
Ultra_Max Ovens are designed with Heavy Duty 6000 watt metal sheath elements for superior cooking performance and speed.
Does NOT come with stand, stand extra
Specify 208 or 240 volt, 208volts, 6400 watts at 32 amps, and 240 volts, 6400 watts at 29 amps. For 230 volts add $95.00
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