Hobart model V1401 mixer 140 quart


Subject: Hobart model V1401 mixer 140 quart
HOBART Model V1401 Mixer 140 Quart SPEC1FICATIONS Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and National Sanitation Foundation. MOTOR: 5 H.P., Hobart-built, high torque, grease-packed ball bearings, fan ventilated within machine enclosure, producing adequate radiation type cooling. Single-phase is capacitor start, induction-run type. Three phase is squirrel cage induction-run type. ELECTRICAL: Furnished in 200/60/1, 230/60/1, 230/60/1,200/60/3,230/60/3, and 460/60/3 — UL Listed. AJso available in 220/50/3, 380/50/3 CONTROLS: Switches are magnetic rocker type with no moving seals. A motor protection system, employing dual thermistors in the motor and solid state circuitry, stops motor if either sensorshould overheat. These are incorporated intothell5volts, isolated control circuit which controls a contactor. TIMER: A 15-minute motor driven timer is provided for accurate timing. Timer automatically shuts off machine in any speed after a predetermined time has elapsed. A hold position for “non-timed” operation is provided. TRANSMISSION: Positive main drive through exclusive, heavy duty, full efficiency FLEXAGEAR5 of neoprene nylon and steel construction. Constant mesh helical gears of hardened alloy steel running in oil. All shafts are ball bearing mounted. industry Sanitation Standard Committee CLUTCH: Improved multiple disc type, alternate steel and molded friction materials. Three heavy duty rocker arms and spring-cartridge pressure units, operated by a hardened steel shifting cone. POWER LIFT: Driven by the main mixer motor and controlled through a convenient lever, mechanically raises and lowersthe bowl toarty position MIXING LIGHT: Automatically controlled by the timer. SPEEDS: Four positive speeds may be easily changed during operation or preselected before starting. First 46 85 Second so 149 Third 150 280 Fourth 265 494