Hobart HM1600 s/s heavy duty large cap. microwave


Subject: Hobart HM1600 s/s heavy duty large cap. microwave
The Hobart HM1600 microwave features an all stainless steel oven cavity, which makes cleaning easy- just use a damp cloth and water! Hobart microwave ovens are designed and built for high volume use. The components will withstand the high temperatures found in commercial kitchens.
* Four power levels - high, medium, low and defrost
* Eight programmable memory pad for up to 16 programs
* Dial also allows for manual operation
* Multiple portion touch pad
* Manual operation capability
* Door handle with no moving parts
* Cycle counter to track oven usage
* Electronic timer with digital display
* See-through door - lighted cavity
* Dual level magnitrons - 2 top, 2 bottom
* Easily removable air filter
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