Hobart HEC20 half size convection oven - single


Subject: Hobart HEC20 half size convection oven - single
The Hobart HEC20 is a half size electric convection oven. The 12 KW heating system brings high performance results. It has a unique air-flow system that produces a consistent temperature throughout the oven cavity for even cooking, every time. The doors feature a full-length hinge rod with a fully welded door frame that makes for maximum durability.
* Solid state thermostats provide improved temperature distribution for better baking uniformity
* Recessed controls prevents controls from being bumped out of adjustment or broken
* Cool down switch allows blower to operate with heat source off while door is open
* Heat cycle light informs operator when preset temperature has been reached.
* Door opens full 180allowing for easy access to oven interior
* Stainless steel door seals provide airtight seal where door meets oven
* Stainless steel door liner and porcelain enamel oven cavity
* Cool-to-the-touch door handle prevents operator from burning hands
* Door interlock switch prevents blower and heater from operating when door is opened
* Door observation window allows product to be viewed for doneness without opening the doors
* Permanently lubricated fan motor eliminates routine motor maintenance
* Accommodates up to nine racks
* High density insulation located in oven walls and doors reduces heat loss and holds heat longer
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