Hobart 4822-pan/knife meat chopper 12-20 lbs/min


Subject: Hobart 4822-pan/knife meat chopper 12-20 lbs/min
The Hobart 4822 is a meat chopper with a 1 1/2 HP motor designed expressly for this particular unit. The standard finish is stainless steel housing, plus an attractive stainless steel trim plate is provided at the attachment opening and stainless steel legs. The standard equipment is the working unit with protective type tinned chopping end, stainless steel feed pan, plastic feed stomper, one kinfe and one plate.
* 12-20 Lbs. per Minute Capacity
* #12 and #22 stainless steel rectangular feed pan
* Ideal for n DemandMeat Chopping for Processing Fresh, Boned Meat
* Can Be Fed at a Rapid Pace with Continuous Chopping Action and No Crushing or Mashing of the Meat
* All Parts Which Contact Food are Easily Accessible and Readily Removable for Convenient Cleaning Without the Use of Tools
* 6 ft. Flexible Cord and Plug
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