Hobart 403 meat tenderizer and julienne machine


Subject: Hobart 403 meat tenderizer and julienne machine
The Hobart 403 Meat Tenderizer is built tough so your meat won't be. Hobart Tenderizers are ideal for cube steaks, fajitas and other value added sellers that need a little tenderness. Additional knives for strip cutting, no knit and star can be purchased separately. The standard tenderizer comes with a stainless steel Knit-Knife that will cut meat and knit it firmly together so that product will cook as one solid piece.
* Meat can be inserted closer to the blades
* Plastic Guides Inside Guard
* Guides meat into knives, reduces unintentional folding
* Larger Reinforced Magnet Mounting
* Allows operator to view product processing
* Variety of Knives Available
* Versatility with meats and cheese
* Won feed if guard or motor housing not in place
* Ease of cleaning, ease of use
* Burnished Aluminum Housing
* Designed to accommodate pan for holding prepped product
* To view a specsheet for this product click here.