Hobart 2712 12" semi automatic slicer basic heavy duty


Subject: Hobart 2712 12" semi automatic slicer basic heavy duty
The Hobart 2712 is a semi-automatic heavy-duty smart slicer with Microban antimicrobial product protection. It comes with an exclusive tilting, removable carriage system that reduces labor and improves sanitation. It also features the CleanCut Knife, with a thin edge design that improves yield, and a super alloy edge that lasts longer, so fewer and shorter sharpenings are required.
* MICROBANAntimicrobial Product Protection
* Two-Speed Automatic Carriage with Front Mounted Controls
* Exclusive Tilting, Removable Carriage System
* Top Mounted Borazon Stone Sharpener
* Hobart Poly V-Belt Drive System
* Sanitary Burnished Aluminum Base
* Double-Action Indexing Cam
* Permanently Mounted Ring Guard
* Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Top Cover with Integrated Product Deflector
* 1/2 H.P. Knife Drive Motor
* Electroless Nickel Plated Single Slide Rod with Reservoir Wick
* Stainless Steel Carriage and Knife Cover
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