Hirox hi-scope 3D image video microscope 50X-300X


Subject: Hirox hi-scope 3D image video microscope 50X-300X
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HIROX Hi-Scope 3D Image Video Microscope 50x to 300x
This system is complete and ready to go. This 3D HIROX Hi-Scope microscope system comes with the following items:
Qty. 1, Hi-Scope, KH-2200 MD3, Compact Micro Vision System
Qty. 1, HIROX, GP-KS162, Camera Controller
Qty. 1, MX-5030Z, Color Camera
Qty. 1, 50x to 300x, Manual Adjust Zoom Lens
Qty. 1, Hirox, AD-5030RLM S-Mount Adapter
It comes with 3 Lens Adapters for viewing item under inspection. Two adapters have angled optics that allows the 3D viewing (like the manufacturer's website shows) and 1 adapter to view object straight on.
Also included is one Sony Trinitron Monitor, Model PVM-14N1U, 13" Color Monitor and two GE lamps for the fiber optic light illuminator.
Here is link to the manufacturer CLICK HERE this system is not listed on their site, but it is almost identical to the latest and greatest model shown except for the auto-focus feature. No manuals are included. See pictures for additional information.
It has been tested and is working correctly.
It is in very good physical condition.
Anything not in the pictures or description is not included.