Hioki 8835-01 memory hicorder


Subject: Hioki 8835-01 memory hicorder
High-visibility, Compact, Multi-channeled Field Measurement has never been easier.New in box.
Compact 4/8 ch recorder saves space with slim profile.
110mm-width recording paper and a large color display(6.4-inch).
Maximun 8 analog channels and 16 logic.
Network recording Instrument for LAN.
The 8835-01 MEMORY HiCORDER is a high-speed waveform recorder with the special features of advanced performance of the basic "wave recording" function for easy field measurement, easy-to-see color display, compact dimensions of an A4-sized paper, and 4/8* channels for measurement. The 8835-01 MEMORY HiCORDER inherits all the functions of the 8835 MEMORY HiCORDER and accommodates a total of 8* channels when used with the input unit group to support a wide range of signals. The 8835-01 also comes standardly equipped with 8x the memory of the previous unit, making long-term recording possible.
* When using the 8946 4ch ANALOG UNIT, maximum input is 30 V rms or 60 V DC.