Hioki 8808-01 memory hicorder


Subject: Hioki 8808-01 memory hicorder
Compact Size Recorder with Color DisplayNew in box
B5 book-sized, compact, and handy high-speed recorders.
4 analog channels isolated inputs (with 8 logic).
PC card slot, 3-way power suply, and powerful trigger functions.
Fax/modem communication function (9332)
The 8808-01 MEMORY HiCORDERs, housed in a B5 book-sized, compact, and thin body weighing in at under 1.2 kg, are handy high-speed recorders equipped with features such as analog 4-channel isolated inputs, PC card slot, fax/modem communication, 3-way power supply, and powerful trigger functions. One unit is capable of covering a variety of usages, ranging from low-speed/long-term continuous recording to recording of high-speed transients.
8808-51 has harmonic analysis function. Capable of both instantaneous analysis and time series analysis of harmonics, these units can measure and analyze harmonic current flowing into and out of a commercial power system, as well as harmonic components piggybacking on power line voltage.