Hioki 8420-51 memory hilogger


Subject: Hioki 8420-51 memory hilogger
All 8-channels Isolated !Data Loggers with PC Networking SupportNew in box
Demand has been steadily increasing for multi-channel temperature recording capabilities for use in applications such as environmental protection, energy conservation and HACCP implementation. Satisfying these demands requires a multi-channel measurement instrument with the portability to allow it to be used anywhere, and with LAN support for connection to IT network devices. HIOKI has developed the 8420-51, 8421-51 and 8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGERs in response to these demands. The LAN connection capability and portability of these instruments make them especially suitable for real-time data collection applications on PCs.
Temperature, voltage, humidity (with optional sensor), cumulative pulses, rotations
Analog 8 channels isolated PHOTO-MOS relays
Logic Inputs: 16 ch (using the 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT)
K, E, J, T, N, W (WRe5-25), R, S, and B
Platinum measurement resistance types
Pt 100, JPt 100, 3- and 4-line types
4 ranges: 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V and 1 - 5 V f.s.
100 ms to 1 hour (5 s to 1 hour when measuring humidity)
Note: All input channels are scanned at high speed during each recording interval.
OFF/50Hz/60Hz (when set to 50 or 60Hz), the appropriate digital filter is automatically set according to the recording interval
Internal: 32 MB (16MW data points)
External: up to 528 MB (Flash ATA Card)
Waveforms are saved as binary data to the PC Card in real time. Stored data can be recalled by the instrument in blocks of 32 MB each.
RS-232C and 10Base-T Ethernet connectors
Interfaces (optional, sold separately)
8992 PRINTER UNIT (Detachable type) or 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT (Detachable type) can be connected
5.7-inch STN color LCD, 112 mm (4.4 in) × 18 m (59.06 ft), thermal paper roll
(1) 9418-15 AC ADAPTER (12 V DC ±5 %)
(2) 9447 BATTERY PACK (NiMH, when used with AC Adapter, the Adapter has priority)
(3) 12V car battery (using connection cable available upon request)
234 mm(9.21 in)W × 170 mm(6.69 in)H × 52 mm(2.05 in)D, 1.4 kg (49.39 oz) (instrument only, without battery)
310 mm(12.20 in)W × 170 mm(6.69 in)H × 52 mm(2.05 in)D, 1.7 kg (59.98 oz) (with printer, without battery)
302 mm(11.89 in)W × 170 mm(6.69 in)H × 52 mm(2.05 in)D, 1.7 kg (59.98 oz) (with Digital I/O Unit, without battery)
9418-15 AC ADAPTER (1), Terminal Cover (1), Screwdriver (1), Wave viewer software (1)