Hioki 3560 ac m-ohm hitester


Subject: Hioki 3560 ac m-ohm hitester
HIOKI 3560 AC m-Ohm HiTESTERNew in box
For measurement requirements from contact resistance to internal resistance and voltage of batteries
The instrument also features an Ohm and V mode that allows simultaneous measurement and comparison of battery internal resistance and open-circuit voltage. It is highly suitable for battery inspection lines as one unit can act as both a low-resistance meter and DMM.
Measurement ranges and Accuracy
30 m-Ohm to 3 k-Ohm, 6 ranges, ±0.5 % rdg. ±8 dgt. (all ranges)
In the case of MEDIUM: Add 3 dgt. to the above dgt. error
In the case of FAST: ±0.5 % rdg. ±8 dgt. (30 m-Ohm), ±0.5 % rdg. ±6 dgt. (other ranges)
However, in the case of FAST, the display counter decreases 4 digits in all ranges.
7.4 mA (30 m-Ohm range) to 1.5 ƒÊA (3 k-Ohm range)
Max. applied measurement voltage
60 V DC (AC input is not possible)
50 times/s (FAST) to 1.56 times/s (SLOW) at 50 Hz mode
60 times/s (FAST) to 1.88 times/s (SLOW) at 60 Hz mode
31,000 full digits (resistance), 50,000 full digits (voltage), Fluorescent tube
1 kHz AC four-terminal measurement
20 mV peak max. (30 m-Ohm to 3 k-Ohm all ranges)
Setting: Upper and lower limit, Up to 30 tables
Output: 3 levels (Hi, In, Lo) or (Pass, Fail), Open-collector, display, beep sound
RS-232C (standard), GP-IB or External printer (option)
215 mm(8.46 in)W × 80 mm(3.15 in)H × 320 mm(12.6 in)D, 2.1 kg (74.1 oz)
9287 CLIP-TYPE LEAD(1), Power cord(1)