High voltage power supply 30 kv dc neg regulated


Subject: High voltage power supply 30 kv dc neg regulated
“High Tension” POWER SUPPLY
· Output power; negative 30 Kilovolts DC at 3 milliamps maximum.
· Dual input power; standard 120 or 240 volts AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, fused.
· Solid-state high efficiency low-loss design.
· Automatic precision-regulated output voltage.
· Control of output voltage; 0 – 10 volts DC analog input.
· Output analogs provided to indicate actual voltage and current for monitoring devices, display meters, gauges or PLC.
· Provisions for manual local control, or computer control and monitoring. Easy PLC interfacing.
· Easy connection of simple potentiometer for manual control.
· Dry contact closures indicate power supply fault, HV low, and current limit. These may be used to directly interface with optional PLC or alarm circuits.
· High voltage section specially designed for ultra-rapid recovery from arcs to maintain voltage and avoid loss of separation efficiency. No multipliers are used in the output.
· Negligible energy storage in HV output section.
· This supply is designed with ultra-fast voltage recovery for ionizing electrodes. This maximizes separation efficiency by minimizing drop-out time and consequent loss of pinning action during arcing. The characteristics of this supply will enable operation of the electrode at higher voltages than usual, i.e. well into the arcing region. This will produce the strongest possible non-conductor pinning action while maintaining the purity of the conductor fraction. Using this power supply can maximize electrode and process efficiency, without any electrode changes.
· Will power up to 180 inches of “High Tension” ionizing electrodes used in mineral separation. Suitable for many other applications involving the need for high voltage output with simple control and ultra-low energy storage, e.g. plate separators, vertical static separators.
· No oil insulation or oil-filled tanks used.
· Current-limited to safe level. Output limited to 1/60th of known lethal current.
· Screw terminals provided for easy installation and service.
· Touch-safe enclosure with brackets for mounting in control enclosure.
· Size; Body 8 1/8" (208mm) x 10 1/8" (258mm) x 6 3/8" (161mm); HV Connector + cable allowance 4" (100mm); Fan + vent space 1 1/4" (30mm); Terminals + bend space 1" (25mm)
· Designed to be surface- mounted on a back-panel inside a control enclosure, flanges supplied built-in.
· First unit can be supplied in one week, for delivery of more than one unit, call Peter Hoyles, Hoyles Electronics Inc., at Fax , or email to to make arrangements, discuss applications, or request a brochure and suggested electrical schematics for interconnection.
* Manual control box and HV cable can be supplied on request. These are suitable for powering the unit for bench-test and demonstration. Control box has manual potentiometer with dial, calibrated meter for output voltage and current, meter switch and display lights for output contact closures. Add $190.00 to purchase price and request ‘control box’ in your ‘additional comments’ email with order.