High pressure sonolator homogenizer mixing system unit


Subject: High pressure sonolator homogenizer mixing system unit
Manufactured by Sonic Corporation (sonicmixing dot com)
This unit was used for sample batches - it has processed less than 20
gallons of product.  It is in Brand New Condition.
316 Stainless steel components.
Processes up to 1 gallon per minute
Electronics:  Hitachi variable frequency drive mounted in a Nema 4X
stainless enclosure on the frame.  Pressure transmitter.  Power
disconnect knob, Potentiometer, Start/stop switch.
Pump inlet furnished with a 1 gallon stainless steel funnel.
This unit came wired for 3 Phase 220 power-  it is currently set up to
run on Single Phase 220.  Can be switched back and forth very easily.
This description of the Sonolator is from Sonics website:
"All types of mixers achieve mixing by rapidly changing the direction
the fluid, accelerating the fluid, or subjecting the fluid to
cavitation.  Rotating props or high shear rotors force fluids to change
direction and cavitate; static mixers use direction change.  The
Sonolator is an in-line, continuous, high pressure homogenizer that
subjects fluids to high pressure, extreme acceleration and ultrasonic
cavitation by forcing the material through our engineered Orifice.  The
material is forced by a PD pump through the Orifice and is accelerated
to greater than 300 ft/sec.  The fluid cavitates as vortices of
are violently spun off in the opposite direction of the flow.  We
harness this cavitational energy by then forcing the material to strike
a knife-like blade set in its path.  Vortices of material are spun off
simultaneously forming a pulsating cavitational field around the blade. 
This extreme fluid acceleration and cavitation allow for very effective
mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying and dispersing."
This unit comes with two different orifice attachments allowing for
different specific particle sizes.
Original crate was 53" X 42" X 49" - New crate will be similar.
Freight should be between $200 and $400 depending on your location.
I have all the original manuals and paperwork for all the components
This is a VERY nice unit!  It works amazingly, and the people at Sonic
are FANTASTIC.  Im sure that whatever your intended use, the folks at
Sonic will advise and direct. 
Call BJ at if you have any questions or you can email me .