Hi x remote viewing optical microscope + xyz stage ++++


Subject: Hi x remote viewing optical microscope + xyz stage ++++
High Power Remote Viewing Optical Microscope Metallurgical Semiconductor with precision servo driven stage, Video and 200mm vacuum check.
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This high-power optical microscope assembly is from an automated inspection system. Theoretical maximum magnification is 2800 (with 20X eye-pieces-might be beyond practical optical imaging resolution). The specimen (wafer) to be inspected was loaded onto the chuck of the precision stage by a robot. The stage then precisely positioned the specimen at predefined locations for the operator to inspect.
In the image above, the precision stage, chuck and microscope objectives are right in the center. Note the slot in the chuck for the robot finger to load/unload wafers.
In the images above and below, the remote viewing binocular head (eye pieces missing) is on the far lower right-supported by a long optical tube with a 90 degree bend. A video camera is mounted on the top right of the main objective lens assembly which is above the chuck and stage assembly. The illuminator light source is on the far left.
The images above and below are angled end views from opposite ends.
The back view of this unit features the main structural frame. It is a high stability poured molded part apparently made of a resin aggregate mix with metal hard-point inserts.
The image below shows a closer view of the illumination light-source.
The image above shows the remote motor drive objective lens turret with Vickers 3.5, 7, 30, 70 and 140 X objectives-4 of which are shown below.
We believe that at least all the optics were put together by Vickers Instruments out of the UK. All the parts we have seen are labeled as made in the UK with the exceptions of the precision stage and the video camera.
The optical tube has an adjustment shaft that runs alongside it as shown in the image below. (We do not have the knob part the would go through the ring at the right to drive the bevel gear on the end of the shaft.)
The image above shows the COHU video camera model 4712-2000. The placard at the very top of the image above shows the connections for the camera. The camera's label is shown in the image below.
The image above shows the mold number for the main frame. The images below are additional views of the backside and the main molded structure.
The image above and those that follow show the precision Kensington XYZ three axis precision stage and vacuum wafer chuck.
Servo drive motors and opposing linear roller bearing slide sections are shown in the images above and below.
The Kensington Laboratories Servo Positioning Controller shown here is included.
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