Heraeus cytomat 6000 automated plate shuttle incubator


Subject: Heraeus cytomat 6000 automated plate shuttle incubator
This listing is for a Heraeus / Kendro Labs / Cytomat automated incubator.
* Identification / Serial # 50057481
* Includes 9 [pictured] shelving units.
* Each shelf holds 21 96 well or 384 well microplates.
* So this will handle 189 total microplates.
* Power: 120V / 50/60HZ / 10.0A / 1.2KW
Here is a snip from Cytomat's website...
Offering a single point of integration and a wide range of options, Cytomat 6000 fits into any automated assay system.
Certified according to ISO 9001 Kendro provides highest quality equipment, complete documentation and an exceptional service worldwide.
* 96-well or 384-well: 189
* Temporal (°C): ±0.1
* Humidity, Constant (Max.)
* External dimensions W/D/H
* 34.5/31.9/33.5 (inch)
* 1/PE AC, 230 V 50/60Hz
Before you choose, you may ask yourself, "Why should I pick Cytomat?"
Cytomat stands for cell and tissue culture ("cyto") and automation ("mat").
The idea of the product line is to provide you with superior environmental conditions for your automated assays. Loading and unloading of typical vessels such as micro plates should not effect the typical incubation parameters: temperature, gas values (e.g. CO2) and humidity.
The concept of the instruments was developed in co-operation with pharmaceutical companies back in 1994. The combination between standardized CO2 incubators (Heraeus product family incorporating over 40 years of experience) and an innovative automation for HTS systems "opened the door" for your next big hit.
Currently the Cytomat product line reaches from 40 to 1000 plates capacity and covers a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C. Several gassing options provide the right atmosphere for your application.
With over 800 installations worldwide and a global service network Cytomat stands for reliability and represents the industry standard.
All Cytomat models are equipped with a small automatic access door. Microplates enter and exit the precisely controlled Cytomat environment in a matter of seconds.
The temperature stability achieved by Cytomat® 6000 is 12 times better than with a conventional incubator with a large door. The stability of relative humidity achieved by the internal water reservoir and the small Cytomat® 6000 access door is 4 times better than with a large size door. The stability of CO2 concentration during continuous loading and unloading of a Cytomat® 6000 incubator is 12 times more stable than with a large door. This is especially important for long-term cell culture such as 21 day incubation of CaCo-2 cell ines for ADME/Tox studies at 37°C and 10% CO2. ___________________________________________________________________________________
This is used and in very good condition. Everything is working properly. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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