Heavy duty flatbed trailer 17,000 loaded rating 2 axle


Subject: Heavy duty flatbed trailer 17,000 loaded rating 2 axle
We are selling a heavy duty, 2 axle, flat bed trailer manufactured by Engineered Air Systems. It appears to be in unused condition with original paint and tires. The paint is sun bleached as the unit sat out in the weather on base. This was originally built for the military and was set up to carry a generator or air compreesor. The weight is 6,000 lbs., deck length is 225.63" plus 31" tongue length. Length from center of 2 axles to front of lunnette hitch is 175.25. Overall width is 96" and inside fender width is 66". Deck height is 32" and fender height is 38.19" to ground. The tire size is 12 x 16.5 and F rated. The trailer has air brakes with spring brake emergency system. There are leveling jacks on all 4 corners. This trailer is built in the USA and is really strong. Please email or give us a call at the shop if you have further questions. It is located in eastern San Diego county and can be viewed there on weekends. Phone is on Sat & Sun.