Heater portable diesel - 180.000 btu - jobsite heater


Subject: Heater portable diesel - 180.000 btu - jobsite heater
Portable Diesel Heater - Commercial
Fuel: Diesel - 180,000 BTU - Portable - Recommended for Jobsites, Building Sites, Tents, Warehouses and More
* Commercial Heavy Duty 180,000 BTU Portable Diesel Fuel Burning Heater
* Provides clean, powerful on-the-job heat for tents, construction sites, warehouses, jobsites, shops, greenhouses, crop drying, animal confinement and more
* Heat exchanger keeps hot air and exhaust gas separate
* Powerful fans provide heat where you need it
* Large capacity diesel fuel tank provides hours of operation
* Heavy duty wheels and handle offer easy jobsite mobility
* Heat exchanger keeps exhaust gas and hot air separate
* Ideal for drying building sites and heating buildings
* Powerful fans direct heat where where it is needed on the jobsite, indoors or outdoors
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 Gallons
* Efficiency: Up to 9 hours of continuous operation per tank of fuel
* Fuel Consumption: 1.29 GPH
* Long life stainless steel combustion chamber
* Photoelectric flame sensor
* Water resistant flame control box
* Automatic safety and control devices for reliability
* NOTE: Unit must remain outdoors — for indoor heating, see the next three optional items
* Dimensions: 55" L x 21" W x 24" H
* Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
* 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor)
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