Heated air make up furnace: 3 million btu


Subject: Heated air make up furnace: 3 million btu
King Air heated air make up system. Originally specified for space heating in a medium sized manufacturing facility. Three million BTU output gas fired. Presently set up for LP but convertible to Natural Gas. The direct fired burner is 100% efficient but not acceptable in all space heating applications. Check local codes for your usage. This design is identical to most American made paint spray and bake booths. The BTU output would probably be appropriate for a 50 foot Truck Booth.
Manufacturer: King Air Systems
Size: 96"L X 126"W X 54"H (Burner Cabinet Only)
This is a large rooftop system. As configured, the air intake hood, prefilter bank, damper assembly, burner cabinet and discharge duct mount horizontally and total slightly over 25 Feet in length. The unit had only been used for a few years when the factory was closed. We bought the equipment and and have had it stored since. Mechanically, everything should be just as it was on the last day of operation. The outer shell was damaged while being craned off it's rooftop location; sheet metal only. We replaced two roof panels and there are still some minor dings and crimps in the cabinet. Some interior insulation is loose or missing and would need replacing for an outdoor application.
The air intake weather hood mounts horizontally and is fitted with a bird screen. A V-Bank inlet filter assembly uses pleated paper cartridges, none included. Powered open, self closing dampers mount to air intake side of the heating unit.
The discharge duct is fully insulated and in reasonable shape. it is still mounted to a roof curb. Air flow transitions from a horizontal rectangular inlet, 90 degrees down through turning vanes and then to a square roof opening.
Our reserve is well under half the cost of a similar new system. A true bargain if this big guy is right for your application.