Heated 9-port varian ultra high vacuum research chamber


Subject: Heated 9-port varian ultra high vacuum research chamber
Heated 9-port Varian Ultra High Vacuum Research Chamber with 5-head Ion Pump plus valves, etc.
See the following link for the general factory website.
The 5 head ion pump is Varian model 932-1200
Note the collar heater in the image above and the linear chamber heaters in the images below.
There is a Granville-Phillips manual vacuum valve shown above.
The image above shows the lid in position. The upper collar would normally be at the top to attach to the top flange.
The port on the lid is about 8" diameter and overall height of the lid is about 9.5 inches.
Overall dimensions of this unit are about 37" tall by 27.5 wide by 24 the other way (including appendages).
The port in the image above has a handle going through it. This seems to open the baffle between the lower pumping section and the upper chamber.
The rim of the chamber is abou5t 16 inches OD and the ID is about 11.5.
The depth of the chamber is about 9.5 inches.
The image above shows the inside of the lid.
Additional similar items maybe listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your serious ultra high vacuum research chamber application.
Condition looks very good as shown above. Some discoloration in the chamber. This is not something we used. It appears to be a custom chamber. We don't have any specific information about it.
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