Heatcraft PRO3 self contained refrigeration system


Subject: Heatcraft PRO3 self contained refrigeration system
High Temperature Outdoor Package Refrigeration System
HeatCraft PTT063H2BH With Engery Efficent PSC Motors-PRO3 Packaged Refrigeration System with Outdoor Weatherhood
Maximum BTU/H 10850 @ 35f 90f Ambient
PRO3 Packaged Refrigeration System
HeatCraft brings you the simplest, most reliable walk-in refrigeration system solution in a single package! This system comes ready to mount on top of the cooler or freezer and requires minimal space. The evaporator section is outside of the box allowing for maximum use of refrigerated space inside the box.
* System is fully assembled at the factory and backed up by Bohn's superior quality control.
* Electronic controls provide accurate temperature control.
* Liquid line filter drier. (medium and large cabinet only)
* Simple, quick installation with no piping or loose components to install gives you savings on labor.
* Installation takes a fraction of the time required for a split system.
* Evaporator grill mounts flush on or recessed in a standard 4" ceiling panel to allow for more storage in the cooler or freezer.
* Models come with a condensate evaporation pan eliminating the need for a drain line.
* Most models come with a 26" power cord ready to plug in.
* System is factory assembled, evacuated, charged, run tested and wired. No additional components required.
* Controls preset for typical applications +35F for coolers, -10F, for freezers and are easy to adjust. (019L6 Set for 0 F)
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