Heart glass 4 chamber w coronary sinus/aorta #5021G


Subject: Heart glass 4 chamber w coronary sinus/aorta #5021G
This is one of several anatomically correct, high-quality three-dimensional and/or dissected anatomical models currently listed by Lake Forest Anatomicals on E-Bay. This model is
Professional Glass 4 Chamber Heart with Coronary Sinus, Aortic Arch and Upper Vessels, LFA #5021G.
An advanced cardiac research and training model
designed for use in Cardiology, Cardio-Vascular Research, Clinical Education or Demonstration. Available with optional Glass Stand, LFA #5022G.
We also offer custom design Glass models of the cardio-vascular system for medical or industrial research and education including precise replicas of the cranial arteries, coronary arteries (with or without constrictions), carotids, aneurysms, etc. for use in stent and intra-cardiac pressure studies.
Our unique in-stock Catheterization and Laboratory Models available in clear Plastic include the famous "Angiogram Sam Family" : "Angiogram Sam", LFA #5000P, "Angiogram Sam Plus", LFA #5001P, "Carotid Charlie", LFA #5002P", Pacemaker Pete", LFA #5005P, "Venous Sam", LFA #5010P, Femoral Fred", LFA #5015P and, in Glass, the unique "Angiogram Sam- Pediatric", LFA #5017G.
Now Available: The exclusive 3-Mint Heart Set depicting Normal, Infarcted and Congestive Heart conditions, LFA #255. We also have available larger than life sized (2-3x), specialty, and advanced coronary bypass heart models . Also various cardio-vascular and cardiac catheterization models including the Lung, Human Artery, Circulatory system, Hypertension Set System, and the exclusive patented "Angiogram Sam", "Venous Sam", "Pacemaker Pete", and "Femoral Fred" anatomically correct clear polycarbonate models for Interventional Cardiology.
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