Hawkmill bandsawmill sawmill 30" cut 20 hp


Subject: Hawkmill bandsawmill sawmill 30" cut 20 hp
* This HAWKMILL Bandsawmill is made in Prince George BC Canada. This Model has been in production since 1979 with various changes throughout the years of course.
* All heavy duty components as well as heavy duty steel framewok.
* The accuracy of this machine is unsurpassed! You can cut a 1/16" thick borad for as long as you want! (As long as your bed is level and the blade is good)
* Our own Acme style setworks system will ensure years and tears of super accurate cuts as well as very easy power jog to set your next cut!
* This is a Brand New sawmill. It is 20 Hp/with Our own Self contained VARIABLE speed power feed system as well as power setworks.
* This machine has 30" wide throat for Cutting nice large timber!
* Very heavy duty roller guides especially designed for durability! Large diameter steel tires!One guide is fized and one is adjustable to keep as close to your log as possible for continued accurate cuts.
* Bandwheels are heavy duty 19" x 2" wide with our own Custom Polyurethane covering for extra long life of blades . The bandwheels are also statically balanced for long bearing life.
* Easy to use tensioner and trackig system along with a Lenox Tension guage gives you the always perfect blade tension! Super accurate!
* This machine has heavy duty double v belt BLM Clutch on it as well as heavy duty steel drive pulleys for very balanced and smooth operation.
* The Machine is complete with water tank for blade lube/gas tank/Pointer guage for your cut depths/20' and sits on 4 heavy duty V groove carriage wheels. These are rated at 800 Lbs each! The main drive is a motor on One side driving not one but Both wheels on that side! No slippage! Very strong feed.
* The track and bunk set you get is 20' Long overall allowing for 16' cut. Very simple to use log dogging/Easy to set up as a stationary unit. Levelling feet on every cross member and bunk.
* Blades that we run are standard 1-1/4" wide and 5 pieces come with the machine .
* All parts of this machine are POWDER Coated paint for extreme durable finish, which will last years and years! Muche better than spray paint and much better for resale value.
* Last of all, This unit is heavy! Great for long years of service! , No light duty pieces on this. All guides are adjustable on eccentric cams as well as tilt for very fine tuning ability.
* The main head raises and lowers smoothly/and rolls up and down on wide roller bearings on one side .
* Blade speed is aprox 5000 Fpm .
* Travel speed max is 60 Fpm.
* If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. There may be things I have not mentioned.