Hatcp HDW3 - 3-drawer warmer


Subject: Hatcp HDW3 - 3-drawer warmer
The Hatco HDW-3 drawer warmer fits your needs! These drawer warmers are built for tough kitchen duty with rugged stainless steel construction, heavy-duty hardware, stainless steel sides and positive closing drawers. Preserve your profits in drawer warms known for their proven reliability.
* Each drawer has a recessed individual thermostatic control, temperature monitor, vent slides and on-off switch
* Heavy-duty drawer slides with nylon rollers and adjustable sliding vents on each drawer
* Standard 20 3/4" x 12 3/4" x 6" pan supplied with each drawer lifts straight out of standard width Drawer Warmers
* Completely insulated individual cavities provide maximum energy efficiency
* Two-year warranty on heating elements and drawer rollers and slides
* To view a specsheet for this product click here.