Hatco s-54-480-3 imperial electric water booster heater


Subject: Hatco s-54-480-3 imperial electric water booster heater
Just look at what you get inside a quality Hatco #S-54-480-3 electric booster water heater. The standard features others make optionalthe built-in quality others don't have. The Imperial is Hatco's largest electric booster water heater and provides up to 600 GPH (2300 LPH) of hot sanitizing rinse water. Features the exclusive Hatco Castone tank, and a low-water cut-off to prevent element burnout.
* Include a Castonelined tank with a 10-year limited warranty
* Temperature/pressure relief valve
* Cast iron pressure reducing valve
* Two temperature/pressure gauges
* High-temperature limit control
* Pilot indicator light, on-off switch
* Low-water cut-off to prevent element burnout due to low water condition
* Built-in heat trap and fiberglass insulation to minimize heat loss
* Factory pre-plumbed and pre-wired with calibrated immersion thermostats and high-temperature limit switch
* Stainless steel front panel and powder coated silver-gray hammertone body is standard on all Imperial models
* Can increase the temperature of 542 gallons/hour by 40
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