Hatco grsds-30D slant display warmer dual shelf - 30"


Subject: Hatco grsds-30D slant display warmer dual shelf - 30"
The perfect unit to merchandise hot fast foods is the Hatco Glo-Ray Merchandising Display Warmer GRSDS-30D. Designed specifically to hold hot wrapped or boxed product, this unit holds hot food safely at proper serving temperatures. Glo-Ray Merchandising Warmers have prefocused infrared top heat and a thermostatically controlled hardcoated heated base to extend the holding times of most food.
* Prefocused infrared top heat directing heat to the outer edges of the holding surface where heat loss is the greatest
* Thermostatically controlled, hardcoated heated base and a cord and plug set
* Coated shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance product display while safeguarding food products from bulb breakage
* Optional Indicating Temperature Control enhances accurate control of temperature and provides digital readout of temperature
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