Hatco PMG60 powermite gas booster water heater


Subject: Hatco PMG60 powermite gas booster water heater
Hatco's powermite PGM-60 gas water booster features burner system that utilizes both primary and secondary air for constant ignition. Ideal for single tank, door type dishwashers.
* Ideal for single tank, door-type machines
* 58,000 BTU heating capacity
* Storage capacity of 3.2 gallons
* Output equivalent to approximately 13.5kW
* This unit can naturally and safely vent directly into the room
* Can increase the temperature of 135 gallons/hour by 40
* Stainless steel front and top, with powder coat body
* Finned tube copper heat exchanger
* Spark to light with standing pilot
* Temperature/pressure relief valve
* Two temperature/pressure gauges
* Blended phosphate water treatment system
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