Hardinge hoizontal mill wow 4C complete


Subject: Hardinge hoizontal mill wow 4C complete
HARDINGE HOIZONTAL MILL! WOW 4C machine my dad has had this on the shelf for ever EXCELLENT CONDITION! $2750
COMPLETE includes dog plate, vice, swivel base, tool holder vice (used to hold a cutting tool), dividing attachment with 2 plates, right angle attachment, collets, arbors, boring head, cutters, table extension, stop, tool holder and lots of other stuff!!
If you have any questions please E-mail me Peter or call Dave at 10 to 8 Eastern Time. If you ask a question please be assured I will get the information to you. But please give me some time as I only go to the shop once a week, on Saturday.
If you would like to discuss price or make an offer. I am happy to consider any reasonable offer.
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