Hannan skin packaging machine 420T


Subject: Hannan skin packaging machine 420T
A full automatic cycle machine with full manual override controls.
User friendly operation allows for high production or simple one-of-a-kind or test packaging. The high efficiency oven provides the fastest cycle with a minimum of energy. User friendly analog controls eliminate any need to access computers or programs.
Pressure gauge indicates the proper air pressure for operation.
Vacuum gauge indicates the amount of vacuum being developed during the cycle.
Vacuum range control regulates the exact amount of vacuum needed for the job.
Independent heat and vacuum controls assure precise, consistent cycles.
Production monitor automatically keeps track of production rates (push button reset)
Indicator lights register all functions.
Functional layout, with analog controls, allows easy operation without the need for entry codes or programming.
Recessed, yet readily accessible instrument panel aids in quick setup and consistent cycles.
"Excellent product just as described,