Handicapped shower


Subject: Handicapped shower
This is a temporary shower unit. It can be installed anywhere without any permanent modifications to your home. No building permits are required, and installation can be performed by anyone with basic handy man skills. Only basic hand tools are needed to assemble.
The base and frame are made of structural steel, while the shower pan and drain basin are made of stainless steel. The shower drain pan has anti-slip strips. The interior walls are cushioned and lined with a heavy gauge, water, mold, and rot resistant material.
Inside, the shower is equipped with an industrial water supply valve, and a water saver showerhead. Two of the walls have safety bars, and there are interior and exterior safety handles along both sides of the entry. You can change the location of the entry from the front to either one of the sides. There is a privacy area for changing, and the shower sits on a three foot by four-foot waterproof carpet.
The unit has it’s own ground fault circuit interrupter, and the power supply is both 110 and 24 volt. It also has a 60-minute timer to insure that the shower will shut, off even if it is left on. The system also features 24-volt water solenoid valves to shut off the water supply in the event of a power outage, or if the water level rises to high in the drain basin.
All of the fittings needed to connect to your existing water supply, along with 50 feet of hot and cold water supply hose are included.
The unit comes with a water discharge system. The discharge system is capable of discharging the wastewater up to 50 feet away and up to 5 feet in height. The system includes a stainless steel drain basin, an adjustable float switch, discharge pump, and 50 feet of discharge hose.
Shower water is considered gray water. Gray water does not have to be plumbed into your drainage system. Shower water can be pumped into any existing house drain; it can even be discharged outdoors. Simply place the end of the discharge hose into any sink, or toilet. It can also be drained into the drain line for your washing machine, or onto a floor drain. You can also use a dishwasher drain attachment.
The standard unit is 32 inch, but custom size is available upon request. Longer supply and discharge hose lengths are available upon request, but the pump size may have to be increased.
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