hp/agilent 8663A synthesized signal generator w/opt. 2


Subject: hp/agilent 8663A synthesized signal generator w/opt. 2
HP / Agilent 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator with option 002
The 8663A Synthesized Signal Generator is ideal for performing precise receiver sensitivity tests either manually or in automated systems via the HP-IB interface.
* Derives RF performance from an indirect frequency synthesis technique
* 0.1 Hz from 100 kHz to 2650 MHz frequency resolution
* Output is available from +13 to -139.9 dBm with output level accuracy held to ± 1 dB using microprocessor correction
* Versatile phase-locked AM/FM using either internal 400 Hz and 1 kHz rates or externally applied modulating signals (either DC or AC coupled)
* Generates phase and pulse modulation
This unit has option 002 (Wideband linear phase modulation). It also includes Power Cord and a copy of Manual.
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