hd 7000 electric punch pdi rhin-o-tuff rhino tuff


Subject: hd 7000 electric punch pdi rhin-o-tuff rhino tuff
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This listing is for the HD 7000 & One Die Only
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For Office Duty and Heavy Duty
We offer multiple punching die patterns for the HD 7700, HD 7000, HD 6500, and the OD 4000 and OD 4800 punching equipment. All dies are made with extremely durable, all-steel construction.
Change dies often? The HD 7000 Power Punch can save you time if you do lots of small or complex jobs. Just flip two clamping levers and slide the die out. It's that easy. Same power on demand motor, 90 cycles per minute, up to 40 sheets per lift capabilities as the HD 6500.Both the HD 6500 and the HD 7000 combine convenience, quality, and the high output you expect from a top of the line power punch machine.
Use the foot pedal or the optional micro-switch that is triggered by the paper edge.
Talk about speeding things up!
The written warranty of the manufacturer is the only warranty applicable. No other warranty is expressed or implied.