Grimac eclisse semi automatic 2 group espresso machine


Subject: Grimac eclisse semi automatic 2 group espresso machine
Grimac Espresso Machine "TEN" Series 2 Group - Semi Automatic - E61 Group Heads
Above pictured is the Grimac TEN series 3 Group Automatic Espresso Machine... 2 Group image will be uploaded ASAP. We apologize for any inconveniences.
Grimac TEN Series 2 Group Semi Automatic Espresso Machine Technical Specifications:
Semi automatic with continuous supply and electro valve.
Available with Red, Black, Gray or Blue body panels.
* Stainless steel/ABS chassis
* Polished stainless steel wire cup resting grill
* Built in standard volumetric pump
* Boiler manual filling safety system
* Auto water level in boiler (electronic)
* Twin check boiler/pump pressure gauge
* Built in anti-depression valve
To ensure their quality and safety, all Professional Line machines have undergone the most stringent tests.
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