Gretag macbeth's eye-one photo/io bundle


Subject: Gretag macbeth's eye-one photo/io bundle
(Includes Eye-One Spectrophotometer)
Faster than the speed of color!
A new level of automation for fast, accurate test chart reading! More than ever before, Eye-One delivers a complete solution for all color measurement and color management needs. The new Eye-One iO provides a new level of automation for fast, automated test chart reading, adding even more versatility to the award-winning Eye-One system.
iO is ideal for creatives/designers, photographers, prepress, corporate design, ad agencies, as well as for print for pay, fine arts, sign shops, textile printing, large format printing and high speed digital printing environments.
Eye-One iO provides the fastest measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm - from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles. Eye-One iO reads more than 500 patches per minute, so you'll have a custom profile in no time!
Eye-One iO, when combined with any Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer will:
* provide consistent and reliable results
* lower the level of operator skill required
Mini ColorChecker (Does not work with Digital Camera Module). Must purchase Digital ColorChecker SG Separately.
*This price does not include installation and training.