Great bend model 651 tractor mount backhoe used once


Subject: Great bend model 651 tractor mount backhoe used once
The 651 Model is a perfect match for 18-35 hp tractors. It features the same operator friendly benefits, yet fits the smaller capacity needs at a more attractive price.
* Rated for use on 18-35 PTO HP tractors
* Maximum digging depth 7’
* Digging Depth (2’ flat bottom) 6’6”
* Loading Height (bucket at 60 degrees) 5’
* Reach from center Line of Swing Pivot 8’6”
* Transport Height (maximum) 4’ 11”
* Bucket Rotation 180 degrees
* Loading Reach (bucket at 60 degrees) 3’ 2”
* Transport Overhand 3’5”
* Stabilizer Spread (down position) 6’6”
* Stabilizer Spread (up position) 3’11”
* Bucket Cylinder Digging Force 2450 lb.
* Dipperstick Cylinder Digging Force 1250lb.
* Hydraulic Volume Requirements 4-5 GPM
* Hydraulic Pressure Requirements 2250 psi
* Recommended Tractor HP Requirements 18-35
* Recommended Tractor be equipped with Rollover Protection System (ROPS).
* Backhoe has 2 major control levers plus the stabilizer control levers.
* Equipped with flip-over stabilizer pads as standard equipment.
* Outstanding Operator Comfort and Precise Control
* Large operator platform with 88% more foot pad area-gives added comfort and easy access. Easy flow control levers require less lever force to eliminate operator fatigue. Tapered console and walk-through deck provide greater comfort and visibility.
* Features precise boom swing control. Two double action hydraulic cylinders replace chain links to ensure long-life and smooth swing performance.
* Heavy duty adjustable top link includes a series of holes for securely attaching backhoe with steel bolts.
* Great Bend is the finest in the world. They use the quickest
and easiest mounting brackets with the finest best single joystick in the world. All of the big companies like John Deere use Great Bend Backhoes.
Great Bend Backhoe Specifications
Digging Depth {two flat bottom}
Loading Height {bucket at 60 degrees}
Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot
Loading Reach {bucket at 60 degrees}
Stabilizer Spread {down position}
Stabilizer Spread {up position}
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force {Lbs}
Dipstick Cylinder Digging Force {Lbs}
In other words, this backhoe can move some dirt!
The Backhoe has been totally garaged (non-smoking) its whole life, out of the sun, rain, and snow, so it has not been weathered and looks brand new! Operator/Installation Manual is included.
This Backhoe that we are listing is totally represented in the photo supplied by Great Bend. The Tractor shown in any of the photos is not included in this listing.