Granville-phillips gold seal 6" vacuum gate valve air


Subject: Granville-phillips gold seal 6" vacuum gate valve air
Granville-Phillips Gold Seal 6" Vacuum Gate Valve Pendulum Style with Pneumatic actuator.
What we were not able to image is CAT. 265 004 MOD. 005
Granville-Phillips is now part of Helix-CTI. The following link is to the factory website-not specific to this item.
Helix Technology Corporation - Products - Granville-Phillips®
The pneumatic actuator is to the left above and the counterweight to the right.
Looks like there is a gold lip-seal.
The opening is about 6" diameter. The gold seal is on just one side so we assume this would be the high vacuum side.
Looks like it has a valve position sensor or switch.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your high-vacuum pendulum gate-valve application.
Condition looks as shown. Not sure it it has ever been used. Has been stored unprotected. We are not setup to test vacuum integrity.
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