Granita, margarita, bellini, slush machine cab


Subject: Granita, margarita, bellini, slush machine cab
Granita, Margarita, Bellini, Slush Machines
When it became not competitive any longer for the companies to build such a machine they stopped and opted for the other type. The machine everybody is buidling today though doesnot show any movement because the auger is buried in the liquid. I have also stopped marketing this machine and held on to a large inventory knowing that sooner than later people would apprecaite the beauty , novelty and attractiveness of this machine. This summer I would like to make it the revival of the " Retro" and for that I like to name this machine " La dolce vita "
I know I could ellboarate further on this subject but I would like to invite the callers to reach me @ for any question.
*It is worth mentioning that we have quite a supply of all parts for this machine so there is no need to worry about what to do in the event that replacement parts are needed in the near or distant future.
For any questions, please Call Domenic