Gradia indirect restorative master system, gc dental


Subject: Gradia indirect restorative master system, gc dental
GC Gradia Light-cured Micro-Ceramic Composite System
Light-cured GRADIA is an indirect restoration system for crown and bridge, inlays, onlays and veneers. Its unsurpassed durability, natural opalescence and excellent lifelike esthetics are the products of GC's innovative hybrid MFR formulation. The unique chemistry of GRADIA couples a micro-fine ceramic/pre-polymer filler with a urethane dimethacrylate matrix to produce a superior ceramic composite with exceptionally high strength, wear resistance and superior polishability. GRADIA is biocompatible and kind to opposing teeth.
Light-cured Micro-Ceramic-Composite
* GRADIA offers outstanding esthetics - true to life color and translucency for beautiful, natural looking restorations full of vitality.
* Level of translucency and light transmission similar to natural dentition. GRADIA restorations are bright, opalescent and have a warm looking appearance.
* Builds up like porcelain without shrinking or firing in furnace.
* Quicker fabrication than porcelain.
* Superior strength and beauty are superior to conventional hard resins.
* Incrementally light-cured with StepLight SL-I, final cured with visible light-curing unit (Labolight LV-III).
* GRADIA restorations can be permanently placed with Fuji PLUS, Fuji CEM or resin cement (metal-reinforced crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and metal-free crowns with sufficiently retentive preparations). Minimally retentive preparations with metal-free GRADIA restorations (crowns and veneers) require a resin cement.
All shades of GRADIA polymerize with short 10 second irradiation times using the GC STEPLIGHT SL-I during layering and characterization. The GC LABOLIGHT LV-III is used for final curing. Since polymerization results in no change to GRADIA'S color, technicians see the subtle colors of the final restoration throughout all phases of fabrication.
Extensive Palette of Colors * Wider range of colors than any other non-porcelain system.
* Rivals porcelain for adaptability, surpasses porcelain for ease of use.
* Adaptable to color layering techniques.
Optimized Filler Particle Size and Distribution * Paste-like consistency is easier to mold and shape.
* Holds shape without slumping.
* Toothlike light reflection and intra-oral light scattering.
* Polishing is effortless. GRADIA can be easily brought to a lustrous gloss with Gradia DiaPolisher.
Superior Physical Properties * High wear resistance, yet kind to opposing dentition.
* Extremely fracture and chip resistant.
* Higher impact strength than porcelain with much more flexibility.
* Can be used for a wide range of applications.
StepLight SL-I * Increases work efficiency through hands free light-curing.
* Pre-cures Dentin, Intensive Color and Enamel, etc. in 10 seconds.
Labolight LV-III * High intensity lightbox provides uniform irradiation for resins.
* Ultra low UV output assures operator safety.
* Temperature controlled curing chamber prevents heat
Gradia Master System Pack includes: Master Set (10 shades), Steplight SL-1 and Labolight LV-III, Video and Techniqe Manual - includes training coarse.
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