Gp medium


Subject: Gp medium
GP Medium tent is constructed of mil spec stop rip vinyl. The top seams are heat welded to provide a leak resistant roof. The main support is through a 2" poly webbing grid attached to the tent fabric; the grid is connected to all the poles and supports high stress areas.
This tent is equipped with aluminum support poles and ridge beam assembly. There are 10 - 5'-6" side poles, 4 - 6' door poles, 2 - 10' center pole sets, and 1 - 17' long ridge beam assembly.
This 16' x 32' x 10' tent has a hip roof design with two stovepipe shields to accommodate the standard 4" heater pipe. Each end wall is fitted with 2 environmental control duct sleeves. The tent has one screened doorway at each end. The entire sidewall rolls and ties in the up position for flow through ventilation.
The complete tent includes an outer skin, 1 complete pole set, 30 (including spares) 16" hard wood pins, 30 lines with hard wood slips, and 2 bags: one for the tent and one for the poles and accessories.
All tents in new condition, and available in custom sizes and fabrics.