Gorton mastermil 1-22 vertical milling machine cnc proj


Subject: Gorton mastermil 1-22 vertical milling machine cnc proj
Gorton MasterMil Model I-22 Vertical Milling Machine CNC Retrofit Project.
We don't know the history on this unit. It has had a 3 axis CNC conversion but it was not hooked up when we got it. We are not sure if the motors were pulled off just to facilitate moving (was the case in the one we took off) or what.
The following link looks like a place to go for documents and parts.
Spindle speeds range from 80 to 5600 rpm.
3-phase dynamically balanced 2 horsepower motor-Use a VFD to get 3-phase from single-phase and variable speed to if you need to.
There are spare lead screws for the x and y axis. It looks like someone has changed them out-see the installed screw in the image below.
The ways seem good and tight. Can't feel or see any damage or wear. Can't feel any looseness as it sits.
The image above shows the bottom side of the spindle-has an end-mill still in it.
The vertical axis has a recalculating ball screw drive.
We do have the handles if one wants it to be manually operated. A motor fits to the adapter shown above.
The three drive motors are shown above.
We don't know if the unit below goes on the head in the CNC or manual mode.
The motor details follow. 840 ounce inch 200 step stepping motors.
The CNC package generally appears to be a commercial product by Summit Industrial Products.
This is clearly an old style controller by Summit.
The following looks like the Summit website but it does not appear that they do this sort of thing anymore.
Inside the controller box you can see the 3 motor driver boards at the top right above.
The driver boards are in the bottom rack as shown below.
If we were going to use this as CNC, we would forget this controller and get 3 intelligent stepper motor drivers and run them with a LINUX PC using public domain CNC software.
The box below seems to be just an electrical junction box. Not clear that the label has anything to do with the CNC vendor.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your CNC mill project application.
Condition looks functional used as shown above. Sold as a parts project as we have not seen it run and don't plan to put it together to demo it.
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