Glucos model 32 ton compression molding machines


Subject: Glucos model 32 ton compression molding machines
Our Asset #: MS239, MS240, MS251
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They need a little cleaning up but these units are a great value.
We had about 20 of these compression units in different sizes and everyone has been happy
Asset Class: Plastics Equipment & Materials
Condition: UNKNOWN looks good but can't test
Horsepower / Amps / KW / KVA: NA
Location: Comfort TX. ZIP 78013
The GLUCO company sells refurbished units like these for
Double toggle action is ideal for compression molding with these fast presses. The functions of material metering, cavity loading and molded part ejection are mechanically interlocked and motivated by the moving press platen. Ejection occurs near the top of the stroke as parts produced are positively stripped off the upper old half and blown out by a cam actuated air blast while at the same time molding power is loaded into the cavities.
The simultaneous feed/eject action of these presses, which never really stops excepts for material curing, yields fastest molding cycles possible.
* Exclusive jam proof feed/eject mechanism
* Instant material feed ON/OFF knob
* Infinite shot size adjustment for each mold cavity
* Cam actuated air sweep to clean mold after each cycle
* Manual override buttons for set up and trouble shooting
* Plug in timers and limit switches
* Degassing arrangement with tow extra timers
* Bottom lift cylinder and rods with stops
* Top eject with adjustable stroke and return springs
* Hardened steel toggle bearings and ram guides
* Hard chrome plated posts
* Thermostat temperature controls
* Air filter, regulator, lubricator units
* Exhaust silencing flow controls
* Speed and pressure controls for transfer ram
Semi Automatic Models equipped with:
* Dual push buttons for press closure
* Push button actuated bottom eject
* Spring loaded top hold down system to keep parts in bottom mold when press opens
* Hydraulic instead of air power
* Large malfunction indicator lamp
* Pulsating eject strokes, variable
* Fused safety shut off switch
* Twist lock heater outlets
* Heated platens on spacers, insulated, incl. heaters
* Turnkey systems with tested molds
* Combined models capable of compression and transfer molding
* Timer to soak material prior to transfer action
* Foot switch for bottom eject actuation
* Transfer pot and plunger - made to close tolerances for interchangeability - in hardened tool steel. Plunger hard chrome plated for ready cull release. Pot installed in bottom heater