Gloucester 3.5 inch extruder w/changer nice shape 3 1/2


Subject: Gloucester 3.5 inch extruder w/changer nice shape 3 1/2
Very Nice EXTRUDER FOR SALE – GLOUCESTER 3 ½ INCH, 24/1 L/D, 75 HP DC with Gloucester hydraulic slide-plate screen changer. Model number is 233-001. Currently wired for 460 volt , 3 phase. This is the LOWBOY style and is water cooled including the screw. The control panels is WITHOUT the temperature controls for the zones, no motor controllers or extruder speed controls INCLUDED is a used Reliance Flexpak 3000 DC controller which came off a working 100hp extruder and will work great for this 75hp Reliance DC Motor but will have to be wired up. I am including 6 CAL 9500 temperature controllers 1/16 DIN (used) and 4 Watlow 985A temp. controllers 1/8 DIN (new) for a total of 10 temp. controller to go with the 10 relays in existing cabinet. The L/D ratio on them is 24 to1 and this extruder has only ran PE blown film. The gearbox ratio is 15.39 to 1. The extruder was recently refurbished and has a fresh coat of machinery grey primer. It was made in 1976 but is in very good condition. If you check out the new Gloucester extruders, they haven't changed this design much at all, just the controls and the price which is over $100,000 or so. Here is a chance to pick up one for a fraction of new cost and design your own control cabinet. I know where some used extruder control panels are for a couple thousand if you are interested. The screen changer has not been cleaned up yet but was clamped on extruder and is included along with clamp. This would make an excellent recycling extruder.