Globe GC512 - 12" gear driven aluminum midrange slicer


Subject: Globe GC512 - 12" gear driven aluminum midrange slicer
The Globe GC512 is a 12" compact manual slicer. These Chefmate brand compact manual slicers are gear driven and can easily slice cheese. All food contact areas are stainless steel. Other features include a permanently attached knife ring guard, knife cover interlock, and an all metal knife sharpener.
* Slicer base is heavy gauge anodized aluminum
* Stain resistant, long lasting, and easy to clean
* Stainless steel parts include the food chute, slicer table, knife cover, knife, slice deflector, motor cover, and removable product receiving tray
* Power Indicator Light illuminates when the knife is rotating
* Precision adjustment holds thickness setting for consistent cuts 0 to 7/8thick
* Top Mounted Sharpener is made of all metal and permanently mounted on the slicer
* Large grinding and honing stones return a razor sharp edge to the knife
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