Globe 3600 12" all stainless gear driven manual slicer


Subject: Globe 3600 12" all stainless gear driven manual slicer
The Globe 3600 is a manual slicer. Globe's rugged gear drive system provides years of maintenance-free reliability. Globe's all stainless steel construction (the preferred food preparation surface) and radiused corners are free from pits, voids, and dents for faster clean-up and superior sanitation. Globe's unique dual-gear table adjustment design eliminates slop and play, ensuring consistent slice thicknesses from tissue thin up to 1 1/4" thick.
* Stainless Steel Construction
* Precise Slice Thickness Adjustment
* Permanently Mounted Knife Sharpener
* Two Year Limited Warranty Plus (15 Years on the Gears)
* Ideal for high volume deli, institutions, restaurants and supermarkets where slicing is a significant part of daily operations
* Features the industry most powerful motor - 1/2 HP, 7 Amp gear driven motor
* Exclusive One-Piece Stainless Steel Base prevents bacteria growth
* Built-in antimicrobial protection that lasts the life of the product.
* Can slice thicknesses from tissue-thin to slices up to 1 1/4thick
* Signature one-step sharpening system allows you to quickly return a razor sharp edge to your knife
* Permanently attached knife ring guard and an interlock knife cover
* Attached 7 foot flexible 3 wire cord and plug fits a grounded receptacle
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