Gerstel thermodesorption system tds, tdsa 2 and cis-4


Subject: Gerstel thermodesorption system tds, tdsa 2 and cis-4
I am selling the Gerstel Thermodesorption System only. The system was connected to the Agilent Chromatograph 6890 and the MSD 5973.
GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System consists of :
a. Gerstel TDS 2 S/No. 7777 0022
The TDS 2 is a multifunctional system for trapping volatile and semi-volatile substances on an adsorbent and for direct thermal extraction of volatile substances from solids without sample preparation. The CIS functions as a cryotrap, focusing and concentrating the components to be determined, and then transferring them to the capillary column. With the addition of the TDS A2 the TDS 2 becomes a fully automatic thermal desorption system that can analyze up to 20 samples.
b. Gerstel TDSA 2 S/No. 7830 0036
The addition of a TDS A2 to a TDS 2 provides complete automatic processing of up to 20 samples using multiple analysis methods.
c. Gerstel Tube Conditioner TC 2 S/No. 7672 0043
The Tube Conditioner conditions up to ten GERSTEL thermal desorption tubes simultaneously. Tubes are held at a controlled temperature and are purged by an inert gas.
d. Gerstel CIS 4 S/No. 7850 0015
The GERSTEL CIS 4 is designed specifically for the 6890 and 6850 gas chromatographs from Agilent Technologies. The CIS 4 can be retrofitted to existing GCs. The CIS 4 is equipped with LCO2 or LN2 cooling as standard. If it is frequently used for applications for which very low temperatures and liquid cryogen coolants are not required.
e. Gerstel Controller 505 S/No. 7403 1671
f. Gerstel Remote Control S/No. 745 1998
g. Gerstel Aux-Controller 163 S/No. 7585 0307
h. Supelco Empty Glass TD Tube 7” No Frit 28287-U for Gerstal Autosampler. Qty 8
i. Supelco C03901 Tube . Qty 10 pcs
j. GraphPack – 2M ferrules for column outside diameter 0.70 m 1 packet (10 units)
k. Agilient E-PROM kit for HP 6890 in conjunction with Gerstel-CIS4
l. Operational Manual for Thermodesorption system TDS2 with Autosampler TDSA in conjunction with GC HP 6890 and Gerstel colled injection system CIS 4.
m. Agilient Module G1544-80500 Rev 6. PCS/SLZ01JD.
n. Apollo 100 Liquid Nitrogen Tank.
o. Others extras as seen in photographs.
The system has been dismantled and stored in boxes.
More information can be found in the manufacturer Gerstel website: