Genesis welder mig tig plasma laser robot weld cell


Subject: Genesis welder mig tig plasma laser robot weld cell
ALL CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS MUST PAY 7.25% SALES TAX ON ITEM!!!! Genesis Systems Group Robotic Weld Cell This equipment was purchased new in 2002 for a General Motors Contract. They come with three Fanuc Robotic Mig Welders. The robots models Fanuc 120i robots w/RJ3 Controllers-year 2001 and Miller Autovision2 welding power source (4440 hours), 2 Fanuc 120iB robot w/RJ3 iB controllers year 2003 and Miller Autonvision 2 welding power source (4887hours) & (4368 hours). and while this process is being performed, you can load the other side of the positioner with parts while the robots are welding. And once you are finished loading the parts, and the robotic welders finish their procedure, the positioner will turn again and your part will be welded, and you remove it at this time and reload the positioner with new parts and the cycle starts over again. These cells cost each anywhere from 300 to 700 thousand dollars. The controller that runs the positioner is a Allan-Bradley Panelvision 600. If you have any questions regarding this weld cell call me at (909)-949-8120 or (909)-229-9519.
2 Arc Mate 120 iB w/ System R-J3 iB Controllers YEAR 2003
1 Arc Mate 120 i w/ R-J3 Controller YEAR 2001
2 horizontal positions (*as seen on truck)
3 Miller AutoInvision. 2 600amp welders